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Welcome To The World Of TRN Trading

It's all about your financial freedom.

Our primary objective is to equip traders with exceptionally innovative tools that offer profound insights into market structures and deliver high-quality signals, setting us apart from any other offerings in the market.


Unlike numerous providers who opt for convenience by selling simplistic tools that are either readily available for free or mere replicas of standard indicators, we hold ourselves to a much higher standard because it is a practice devoid of compassion.

It often becomes evident that those who vociferously boast about their products tend to overpromise and underdeliver. Grandiose claims of instantaneous wealth accumulation or a staggering 90% success rate should act as immediate warning signs for discerning individuals and especially for traders.

Trading success does not come overnight and requires a lot of perseverance and experience. If you want to go this way, you should not compromise on the tools that support you on this path. That is why we have developed our unique set of trading tools, which offer you a great advantage in trading, especially in combination.

To be sure that you get the most out of our tools, it is necessary that you study our extensive training material intensively and internalize all our tips given in the TRN Documentation.


If you are still at the very beginning of your trading career, we recommend that you first visit our Tips for Trading Newcomers section and do some research outside the world of TRN Trading as well so that you can make informed trading decisions from the very beginning.

How Do I Get Access To The Tools?

Just visit our Homepage and start your 14 days free trial. Enter your TradingView username and e-mail and click on "Sign Up". Please make sure that the spelling of your TradingView username is correct.


Our Free Trial is completely free and you don't need to go through checkout. We will let you know in time so that you can subscribe to one of our plans and continue using our tools without interruption.

Expect your tools to be activated within an a few minutes or latest within the next 48 hours after signing in; you'll receive an email notification once the activation is complete.

After activation you can add them to your chart on TradingView. Just go to your chart, select the menu item "Indicators" and go to "Invite-only scrips". There you will find the complete list of or Tools.


If you want to know exactly how to set up our tools on TradingView, visit our Setup Our Tools On TradingView section.

How Do Our Tools Support You?

Our trading tools offer a powerful advantage by enabling you to pinpoint potential trading setups. These setups come with highly favorable odds, allowing you to minimize risk while trading. Unlike the manual search for such setups, which is often time-consuming and requires extensive expertise, our tools streamline the process.

Within our comprehensive documentation, you will discover in-depth insights into how our tools function. Be sure to explore the Combinations section, where you can witness chart setups that deliver high probability signals.

Moreover, our tools offer countless possibilities for combining different features, and we continuously introduce new combinations for you to explore. Furthermore, the potential for creativity knows no bounds, and you may even discover a unique combination of our tools that yields optimal results tailored to your preferences.


Our documentation is currently still under construction. In the future, we will provide even deeper insights into the world of TRN Trading and possible combinations of our tools.

Versatile Trading Tools For Every Style

One of the standout features of our tools is their ability to adapt to any trading style. Recognizing that each trader has unique preferences, goals, and risk tolerances, TRN Trading ensures that their tools offer the flexibility required to accommodate various approaches.

Whether you prefer day trading, swing trading, position trading, or any other style, Our tools can be customized to suit your specific needs. Whether you're a beginner exploring the world of trading or an experienced professional seeking advanced strategies, TRN Trading has you covered.